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Businesses have statutory reporting as well as employee and record keeping requirements. The timing and detail of reports to various Government agencies may vary depending on the business type and size.

Many accounting and payroll systems do not provide direct lodgment capability to help business meet regulatory and compliant reports to the respective government agencies whether it be tax file number declarations when employing new staff, or submitting end of financial year PAYG Annual Report, or monthly payroll tax to respective Revenue Offices and or pay super under the new data and payment standards.

At GovReports we provide you with the “One-Stop-Shop” for all your accounting, payroll and employee report lodgment requirements regardless of the size of the business you are in.

Our application is reliable, simple and easy to use SBR lodgment gateway - with ONE single sign on access - making your tax and compliance reporting seamless, Anywhere... Anytime....

You can electronically submit the following forms via GovReports:

  • Tax File Number Declaration
    Employing new staff requires employer to complete and lodge Tax File Number Declaration (TFND).
    GovReports has several options for employer to prepare and submit TFND including:
  1. Upload TFND back up file from payroll software
  2. Fill online form
  3. Send eInvite to the employee to fill the Employee Section of the form and submit back to employer for verification and lodgment to tax office (available only via Mobile App
  4. Upload CSV File of multiple TFND entries (GovReports CSV file format available from within the system)

  5. Option 1,2 and 4 will require employers to keep hard copy of form with employee signature. Option 3 is set with inbuilt live data feed and digital signature.

  • Monthly Payroll Tax and Payroll Annual Return
    to all States and Territories Revenue offices from one website or dashboard with a single sign on access, making the process easier to manage.

  • Taxable Payments Annual Report
    Businesses in the Building and Construction Industry need to submit Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) to the ATO the total payments they make to each contractor for building and construction services each year. At GovReports, you can upload TPAR generated files from any software for lodgment. There is no size or number of records limit in the file. If you do not use software that generate TPAR file, Online Form is available for you to complete the details by data entry and submit direct to ATO. As well as TPAR in Comma Delimited (CSV) file is acceptable for lodgment.

  • Activity Statement
    Prepare and Submit Instalment and Business Activity Statements direct to ATO. With options to data entry with online form and or prefill from other software by either upload back up file or export the report direct from the accounting software. With direct access to ATO, you can update your details and get prefilling information for validation and submit reports. GovReports is currently integrated with the following Accounting/CRM software:


  • PAYG Annual Report
    Two options to prepare and lodge PAYG Annual Summaries:
    1. Create by data entry onto online form. Suitable for businesses without payroll software or
      wanting to lodge an amendment to the lodged PAYG Annual Summary
    2. Upload EMPDUPE file

  • Tax Returns
    You can prepare, manage and lodge your own tax returns via GovReports. We cater for all structures and form types including Company Tax Return, Trust Tax Return, Partnership Tax Return and or SMSF Annual Return. All Schedules and worksheets are included as part of the tax return form.
    Services available from 2011 onwards so if you need to prepare a recent tax return or catch up on an old tax return or wanting to do a revised tax return, GovReports can cater for your requirement.

Employer Services

From July 2015, employers with 20 or more employees are required to implement SuperStream standards as part of the payroll cycle whilst employers with less than 20 employees have until July 2016 to comply. Changes in the superannuation system has already over time been introduced to the industry irrespective of the size of the company with the commencement of employee choice of fund now to be included as part of the onboarding process.

Most payroll software would have by now implemented SuperStream standards and enable you to submit super contributions on behalf of your employees direct from the software. For those small businesses with less than 20 employees or those with annual turnover of less than $2 million, Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is a free, optional service that enables you to make your super guarantee contributions (SGC) as a single electronic payment to the clearing house, which then distributes the payments to employees’ funds.

The addition of Superannuation Data and Payment Standards will now enable the ability to update employee information as changes occur and the processing of all employee superannuation contributions.

As an independent Employer Service Provider, GovReports provides additional services that fills the gap of payroll software solutions or as the complete single service for employers with or without compatible payroll software.

Please contact us for your Superstream service requirement.

Employee Onboarding Process

GovReports Employee Onboarding Process enables employer to either enter the details online manually or invite the new employee to complete the Tax File Number Declaration questionnaire then submit to the employer for TFN validation and lodgment to ATO.

No paper form required and no wet signature is needed!

TFN validation allows an employer to confirm the validity of an employee's TFN by cross checking with ATO database.

Integrated Accounting Software

The benefits of GovReports multi-platform portal:

  • Reduces risk
    Our solution was developed to meet the ATO’s SBR reporting requirements and needs, with automatic data pre-fills not only from compatible accounting or payroll software but also from ATO direct on to the reporting forms, thus reducing the need for data entry and possible human errors.

  • Security
    GovReports is designed with various cross checking mechanism to ensure the right person is accessing the reporting account, ABN data matching with ABR and ATO as well as AUSkey verification. Your key personal, financial & lodgment data are stored in the cloud, encrypted and backed up across multiple servers.

  • Accessibility
    As a cloud based service, there is no need for software installation, upgrade is required. Just log in and select the reporting form type or add on service required and follow through with the simple navigation process to complete the lodgment. GovReports is accessible online anywhere, anytime via any device.

  • Peace of Mind
    Lodgment process is in real time and when successful, lodgment receipt is issued by the Tax Office with reference number, Date & Time Stamp for future references. As part of our service and your compliant requirements, the lodged reports and lodgment receipts will be electronically stored for 5 years.

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