Seamlessly integrated service from within the tax reporting software
In today’s online business world, you need a secure and easy-to-use digital signature tool.

Authenticated digital signatures are your answer to fast and secure authorisation from clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, staff or anyone you need to exchange signatures with.

Authenticated digital signatures should be an integral part of your cyber security strategy. In fact, esignatures are more efficient than printing, signing and scanning documents – and they’re safer than a hand-written signature! Esignatures can’t be forged like hand-written ones and have a high level of encrypted security. The process takes seconds on a desktop or mobile phone and saves you heaps of time.

Whether you’re sending documents for others to sign or whether you need to signdocuments sent by others, GovReports Digital Authentication provides an excellent solution for your small business or tax professional practice.

Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures Are Not the Same Thing!

Many people think that electronic and digital signatures are the same thing, but this is not correct. An electronic signature can easily be copied across documents as there is no verification process involved. So they’re an easy target for fraud.

Authenticated digital signatures are almost impossible to hack or forge because they use public key cryptography technology embedded into the signature, so each one is unique.

There is also a detailed audit trail of the signature process in authenticated signatures that displays the date and time of each action. The GovReports Digital Authentication audit log shows when the document esignature request was created, when it was sent and to what email address, when it was opened and signed. All activity related to the creation, sending, signing, completing, voiding or expiration of the document is visible within GovReports. We keep the digital signature records within GovReports for up to three years in line with the period required for ATO lodgment records. We don’t keep the data or uploaded files, only images of the signed documents to show the activity log.

You can always download the signed documents and save them separately so you can back them up with your other business records.

GovReports Digital Authentication Features

Seamlessly integrated service from within the tax reporting software
  • No extra cost – Digital Authentication is included in ALL our plans for business owners and tax professionals.
  • No need for recipients to set up an account – just send and they sign with a One Time Password (OTP) code sent to their email.
  • Use our default email templates to send documents for esignatures or create your own messages to accompany the document.
  • Sort the document list by title, status, modified date or user – you’ll quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Save contacts you regularly send documents to.
  • Mobile and desktop friendly.

Use Digital Authentication Immediately

GovReports is easy to set up in minutes. As soon as you have a GovReports subscription, you can set up your account to use Digital Authentication. Connect your clients or your business to the ATO, integrate calendars, and start using authenticated digital authentication on documents.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective digital signature solution, check out our videos to see how easy our system is to set up and use:

  • Back to Basics with Digital Signatures
  • GovReports Digital Authentication Made Easy
And read our blog: Are You Making the Most of GovReports Digital Authentication?

GovReports Packages for Savvy Business Owners and Accounting Professionals

Fully featured tax lodgment software for Business owners, Tax and BAS agents that is super easy to use

Seamlessly integrated service from within the tax reporting software
  • No more spending time you don’t have learning how to use clunky software! You can get up and running straight away with our default emails, letters and templates.
  • Create branded and customised templates and letters for your business or practice.
  • Use digital authentication for fast and secure authorisation from your clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, staff or anyone you need to exchange signatures with.
  • View the ATO Integrated Client Account in real time.
  • Update business or client details and sync with the ATO.
  • Easy Single Touch Payroll reporting for businesses without electronic payroll software.
  • Track your lodgment history and view outstanding reports from your dashboard.
  • Lodge ATO BAS and all other ATO forms from the one place.
  • Keep working even when the ATO is offline! Your forms are automatically queued for lodgment.

GovReports makes it easier and faster to access information for preparation and lodgment of ATO reports for your business or on behalf of your clients. Stay compliant and organised with a minimum of administration time.

A complete digital signature solution for savvy business owners and tax professionals!