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GovReports TaxAid Mobile App.

Posted on 04 April 2014

TaxAid Mobile App - first of its kind in Australia Are you dreading the task of filling out a simple tax return?

Fear no more as a new mobile app will make you breeze through your tax return at the push of a button.

TaxAid is the first tax return application to be developed by GovReports for cloud lodgment. It is the first push tax return model of its kind in Australia.

Recently Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that he would like to see the Australian Tax Office work towards the release of a "push" tax return model so that individual can lodge their returns within minutes from a system he described as having already pre-filled forms from the ATO. But this is yet to happen.

As one of the leading technology companies who is continually building and providing innovative management solutions to the Australian market and beyond, GovReports, has developed a first model of this 'push' tax return solution.

GovReports is one of the few technology companies - if not the only - that provides a cloud lodgment portal that is SBR ready.

With its new TaxAid Mobile App technology, GovReports can confidently say it is once again at forefront of developing cloud technology that could start the ball rolling for 'push' tax returns.

GovReports' TaxAid will allow people to use their mobile to fill their tax returns on the app and then submitted to a tax agent registered on its iTax Portal. The tax agent will then lodge on be-half of the user.

This process can be done within 10mins - over people's lunch breaks etc. More importantly, people would get their refunds within ten working days

The TaxAid App is designed for low income, students/pensioners - those having simple tax returns.

And according the PM there are about 4.5 Million simple tax users. TaxAid is the ideal solution for them.

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