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Payment Option for OSR Payroll Tax Reports via SBR

Posted on 18 September 2012

All State Revenue Offices participate the SBR program since inception with the initiative to reduce business reporting burden by using a single secure log on, AUSkey. As there is no standardised terms used across multiple agencies, interpretation of terms from one agency's reports to another can give a different meaning of same set of data. The SBR solution is to enable businesses to submit reports directly from their accounting and or payroll software using AUSkey to submit reports to all participating agencies online.

State Revenue Payroll Tax reports however, have not been popular in SBR platform to date mainly due to the time consuming nature of the forms and even when the report is lodged, the user has to visit individual state revenue offices to find out about payment details. There should have been additional and refined SBR forms with support facilities by State agencies to reduce the reporting burden, instead users still have to fill the same number of forms as they would do with individual OSR websites.

All that has changed with the current GovReports release, besides the key advantage of information can be picked up from accounting or payroll software and forms are located in a single location, all State Revenue reports get the "Save & Resume" feature popular with BAS/IAS forms.

The updated reports also get all the payment details right within GovReports. This makes reporting to all State Revenue reports a "one stop" within GovReports. "Save & Resume" feature allows users to work on and save their forms should the SBR end agency be down, or even at their own convenience or pace. Impact expects State Revenue reporting to increase as more users welcome these exciting features.

The disadvantage of lodging payroll tax direct via the specific OSR website is that tax payers still need to fill and submit reports by visiting various OSR websites. With GovReports, once AUSkey is uploaded during the registration process, users need not sign in each time to submit reports to various agencies or multiple agencies at a time.

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Impact Management Group (Impact) is a market leader in SBR software development. As one of the pioneer supporters for SBR they have built two innovative products - Interactive Accounts Manager the only SBR integrated full featured online accounting software and GovReports, Australia's first cloud reporting solution. Impact is also the only SBR solution provider that has integrated the traditional ELS system into an SBR solution for Individual Tax Return reporting.

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