GovReports Single Touch Payroll software lets business owners and tax professionals manage payroll and lodge ATO STP lodgement forms from the one place. ,

The introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) by the Australian Taxation Office has revolutionised the way business and tax practitioners manage and report payroll data to the ATO. With each ‘pay event’, or payment to employees, employers must report all payroll data to the ATO at the same time.

When your payroll records are right, your lodgments are accurate, meaning you don’t waste time on administrative corrections later. Using GovReports payroll products to manage payroll details streamlines the process of record-keeping for payroll and lodging STP with the ATO.

Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting has been mandatory for all employers for some time, and now it has been upgraded to STP Phase 2. All GovReports payroll products meet the detailed ATO reporting requirements – so you can sign up for a GovReports subscription confident that you will meet the STP2 employer obligations. ,

Our online payroll solution for small business is designed for small employers that don’t need expensive payroll software but do need an easy and economical solution for payroll and STP2 lodgments.

Whether you use payroll software or keep records manually, you can use GovReports STP software for your online lodgments, as a standalone product, or integrated with other GovReports packages.

Flexible Solutions for STP Software to Suit Any Small Business or Tax Professional

1. GovReports Lodgment Platform Options

The Single Touch Payroll module is included in all GovReports Savvy and On-Demand packages. Check out the different options for tax agents, BAS agents and business owners.

Our lodgment platform packages include STP software built into the product.

  • Add payrun details manually or upload a file from your payroll software.
  • Save details and rollover payruns to easily copy from one period to the next.
  • Upload pay runs generated from payroll software such as Reckon or MYOB.
  • Upload a CSV file for STP lodgment.
  • Unlimited lodgments of STP2 forms for Savvy packages.
  • On Demand packages have a low annual subscription fee with a small additional fee per lodgment.
  • Businesses with non STP compliant software can ask your tax or BAS agent with a GovReports subscription to lodge on your behalf for no additional software cost.
  • Businesses with non STP compliant software can also prepare and file your own STP lodgments via GovReports.

Prices start from $144 per annum plus filing fee of $6.60 per STP lodgment, with no limit on the number of employees.

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2. IAM STP Reporting Module

IAM STP is a standalone online payroll solution for small business. IAM STP has been created specifically for micro and small businesses to quickly and easily prepare and lodge Single Touch Payroll direct with the ATO. If you have simple payroll requirements, GovReports IAM STP is the right choice for your STP Phase 2 reporting obligations. You have the option to ,upload pay runs in CSV format, or manually enter the payroll details for simple payroll calculation and direct lodgment with the ATO.
Annual cost is only $99 GST inclusive, for unlimited lodgments and unlimited employees.

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3. IAM Business Ledger

A simple, easy-to-use business ledger, built to meet micro and small business accounting and regulatory reporting needs. You have options to upload data files for sales, expenses, payroll events, receipts or invoices and bank statements, to create compliant financial reports ready for direct lodgment with the ATO. Reports available for lodgment include activity statements, Single Touch Payroll and business tax returns. You may also engage your own tax or BAS agents to access and review your accounts and reports for lodgment if you need advice, or if DIY is simply not your thing!

Annual cost is $149 GST inclusive, for all lodgments.

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