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Live Client Update via SBR enabled Software

Posted on 11 January 2013

GovReports is a complete SBR enabled software operating since 2010 with all the bells and whistles so you can better prepare, manage, track and lodge all compliance reports on behalf of clients to ATO, OSRs and more.

For Tax and BAS agents, clients must be added to the ATO portal to prepare and lodge reports via SBR enabled software like GovReports. This is a cumbersome process if a new client comes along and there is need to lodge a tax return or simply a IAS/BAS only then to get an error message that you are not authorised to lodge for the reporting entity because the client is not registered under your agent number from the portal or that they were previously on your portal but has since been removed.

This error message is populated from ATO system and it could also mean mismatching of client data entered in GovReports and that with ATO portal ie you can see client listed on the ATO portal but still can’t lodge perhaps because of branch number is incorrect. In which case, you need to check and amend the client details to ensure lodgment is successful for the correct entity.

New client is a must to be added from the ATO portal first before lodging and if you have previously lodged reports for the same client, then it’s likely to be the earlier option ie client is no longer on your client list via ATO Portal.

To minimise the need for you to go back to ATO Portal to add or re add a client especially during the tax season, GovReports is scheduled to release live Client Update into production post 18 th July. It would be more timely to release this service a few weeks earlier and our team is working hard for an earlier timeframe but no promise!!

GovReports Live Client Update will enable you to add a new, re-add a client back to your agent number or simply to update contact or bank details to ATO for a client.

To access this service when it is released, go to My Clients, and click + New for new client.

For existing clients that might have been dropped off your agent account along the way, you can go to the client profile page and Edit the Client Profile for update or changes.

This service will be available for all GovReports Tax and BAS agent subscription accounts.

Other related service such as Running Balance Account (RBA) will progressively be added in line with ATO releases.