GovReports Taxable Payments Annual Reporting (TPAR)

Businesses and government entities in the taxable payments reporting system (TPRS) that make payments to contractors in relevant industries have to submit a taxable payments annual report (TPAR) by 28 August each year.

The TPRS has expanded since it was first introduced for the building and construction industry in 2012. There are now many industries that have to report each year:

  • Building and construction.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Road freight and courier services.
  • Information technology services.
  • Security, investigation or surveillance services.
  • Some government entities.

GovReports TPAR makes lodging your report quick and easy. You can create the report for contractor payments manually or by uploading files and then lodging directly with the ATO from GovReports SBR enabled software.

TPRS businesses and government entities must document all details about contractor payments throughout the financial year and then collate the information in the TPAR report lodged with the ATO.

The TPAR data is matched with income tax returns of contractors to ensure that contractors are lodging BAS and tax returns and reporting their income correctly.

GovReports TPAR lodgment solution lets business owners and tax professionals lodge taxable payments annual reports on time from any browser, any device

The TPAR is due by 28 th of August each year for all industries

There are three lodgment options to choose from:
  1. Enter the contractor details manually directly into GovReports. This is suitable for businesses that do not have accounting software that collects contractor details and only pay a few contractors. You can roll over the details to future years if you pay the same contractors.
  2. Upload a CSV file. If your business collects the relevant details of contractor payments on a spreadsheet, this can be converted into a CSV file for upload to GovReports without the need for manual data entry.
  3. Upload a TPAR .cnn file from compatible software.

The TPAR data is validated with the ATO prior to lodgment. Once the report has all required details, the form is lodged directly with the ATO. You’ll get a lodgment receipt and audit trail records. You can also edit or lodge an amendment through GovReports.

GovReports offers you more than just the TPAR - use it for all ATO lodgments!

Check out our plans and pricing for tax agents, BAS agents and business owners. TPAR lodgments are included in all our plans.

  • No more spending time you don’t have learning how to use clunky software! You can get up and running straight away.
  • Use our default emails, letters and templates if you need to send activity statements or other documents for authorisation to others in your business.
  • Use digital authentication for fast and secure authorisation from your clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, staff or anyone you need to exchange signatures with.
  • View the ATO Integrated Client Account in real time – and stay on top of how much you owe to the ATO and when payments are due.
  • Update business details and sync with the ATO.
  • Easy Single Touch Payroll reporting for businesses without electronic payroll software.
  • Track your lodgment history and view outstanding reports from your dashboard.
  • Lodge your BAS and all other ATO forms from the one place.
  • Keep working even when the ATO is offline! Your forms are automatically queued for lodgment as soon as the ATO systems are back online.

TPAR Version 2.0.0 Government Sector

The GovReports TPAR lodgment solution for government entities is separately hosted and is a standalone product specifically for government entities that must report grants and contractor payments.

Flexible Solutions for TPAR lodgment to Suit Any Small Business,
Tax Professional or TPRS Government Entity

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