Find & upload AUSkey on Windows(Tax Agent)

How to obtain ‘M2M Credentials’?

Upload to GovReports

  1. Find ‘M2M Credentials’ from installed computer
  2. Login to GovReports Account
  3. Go to Settings –> Lodgment settings
  4. Click on M2M credentials
  5. Click on Choose File and Select the M2M file(keystore.xml) (If already keystore is uploaded, click on update from right top corner and choose file)
  6. Enter M2M Password and Confirm password
  7. Click Submit

Introduction to XBRL

Industries create a language of their own. This mode of information exchange is used to easily share their thoughts regarding business transactions. Before, this form of communication is passed on through verbal jargon. At present, these jargon is converted into software to make corporate communication faster. These programs have been important in processing information needed within the industry. Continue reading