Google Authenticator is now available for Two Factor Authentication

You maybe already familiar with Google Authenticator which is now added as additional security option to
choose from as part of the GovReports Two Factor Authentication process.

When we have to rely on external service provider as part of our process, it is difficult to handle support like the
one we had over the last weekend re SMS service hiccups. So our development team has been to work urgently
to provide that additional security setting option for you to add on to your GovReports account.
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Add the Signed Reports widget to your Dashboard

As part of our new service package implemented late last year, digital signature is now becoming part of your work flow and reporting process. To improve the user experience, our development team has just released the new Signed Reports widget for you to add onto your dashboard.

This new widget lists out all the signed reports that you received and approved with signature  by your clients. There are 2 categories of signed reports available including those  reports in Saved Status and those that had already been submitted or lodged.

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TFN Declaration app made easier for business to onboard a new employee

Gone are the days you go to Post Office or Newsagents  to collect TFN Declaration form to fill out when employing new staff and send the mail to ATO.   As we move further into the digital age, it is not unusual to see politicians get savvy in the art of social media to promote their campaign and engage with their followers. While most government services are now available online andmore so with the ATO as their compliance process moveswith the objective of digital by default going forward. Continue reading