Client Update functionality is live!

We have released Client Update functionality within GovReports for Tax and BAS agents since July 21st but not an official announcement as the service available is with limited capability of just adding and or deleting a client. This means you now no longer need to go to ATO Portal to add or delete a client of your agent number account before using GovReports.

For BAS agent, this service comes with a catch!

For you to use Client Update via SBR for now requires an input of the client Tax File Number for ATO verification.   Accessing client’s Tax File Number is not a requirement of a BAS agent for any purpose to date and unless ATO changes their process, if you would like to use this service from GovReports, BAS agents will need to enter the business’s tax file number to update onto the ATO’s system.

Other Client Update functionalities including  Change of Client Address and Banking  details to be updated with ATO, will be addedto GovReports when ATO enables their system to transmit data via SBR.

So when adding a new client into your GovReports account, you can then go to the client profile page,  click on Client Update


A pop up window titling ATO Client Update with your client details and for you to select whether to add the client for Activity Statement purpose or for Income Tax Return purpose.


If you have added the client to your account for Activity Statement purpose, and you want to perform other lodgments such as PAYG Annual Reports, TFN Declaration,..etc  arepossible within that update depending on your role as a BAS agent or as a tax agent. And Similarly for tax agent, if you have added the client for income tax return, other report lodgments can also be done without having to go to ATO Portal to update and do all these tasks.

This is one of the functionality popularly requested over time along with Running Balance Account (RBA) of which we are awaiting for ATO’s  approval to access  data and may not be of a distance future.

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