Digital Authentication

Streamlining the compliance process has been the main focus of GovReports since its inception with tax on cloud solutions and now with the addition of Digital Authentication to add to its suite of service application.

For a while, GovReports enables users to prepare, lodge and keep records of authorised and signed documents on actual paper printed forms as part of the compliance process.

Digital authentication tool will now complete the cloud factor of regulatory reporting for businesses, accountants and their clients.

‘We not only improve the security in which GovReports identifies its users and their clients, the reporting and compliance process will now have the added user authentication and soon to be released individual portal for individuals to sign in and authenticate themselves and or store all signed documents without the need to repeatedly register for subsequent uses’ added GovReports representative.

Current signed on paper document process has limited or no control to document augmentation or verification as part of the commitment of the authorising party. Digital authentication improves with added security properties, reducing the chance of disputes for electronic transactions without face to face meetings or any undetectable modification to the document.

As an extension to its cloud services, digital authentication tool facilitates GovReports users to exchange their GovReports generated reports or uploading non GovReports generated documents for digital signature from anywhere, anytime, tracing and tracking any modifications and covering issues of authenticity with verifiable environment to provide document integrity.

Tax and BAS agents can now prepare compliant reports, assign to specific clients for authorisation with their own access for digital signature and authentication. The tool restricts any modification to the document from the signing party with GovReports generated reports because of the nature and information source and keeps track of how or when the authorization process takes place as part of the auditing trail and transaction listing on the agent’s account.

GovReports Digital Authentication tool can also be used as a standalone application for external documents which can be uploaded and sent for viewing, augmentation, authentication and signature. Current version accepts .pdf upload and extends to other file formats shortly.

The process certainly improves the work flow where one or multiple approvals are required such as compliant tax related reports. With digital authentication process by itself cannot guarantee and satisfy the document receiver as the actual requested authorised person to proceed to signing process. GovReports has taken digital authentication a step further to better manage authentication, capturing the date, time, device and location of the signature from the requested authorized person which really helps to trace the authenticity of the signature.

The report and or documents can be shared with the requested authorised person having controlled access like view, edit or no edit depending on document source as you would on a legal document simulation. The signature can be created in real time using the signature pad or can be scanned and attached.

Putting the document issuer in control of how they want to receive and accept authorisation or signature from the document receiver. The document issuer can fix the point of signature at the various places where he/she wants the signature. The signing authority can read the document and insert the signature at one off or one at the time.

The signed documents will be archived to history of lodgments and can be viewed from History as part of the lodgment process.

Both the document issuer and signing authority will have a real time or offline conversation feature using the chat window which can be kept as part of the auditing trail.

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