Find & upload AUSkey on Windows(Tax Agent)

 Your AUSkey is due for an update as required by ATO. Please reload AUSkey on to your GovReports account to avoid service disruption.

You can find your AUSkey (Keystore.xml file) in the following locations:


If you use a Windows operating system and you cannot find your keystore.xml file, you may need to enable the View hidden files and folders functionality of your computer


or you can open the Windows explorer and you will find the search box in top right

Type keystore.xml, you will find the file in Auskey folder


To update your AUSkey in GovReports, please follow following steps:

  • You can copy the AUSkey file to your desktop temporarily and then upload into GovReports.
  • Login to GovReports Account
  • Goto My Settings and Click AUSkey.
  • Click on Update button
  • Click on “Upload My AUSkey”
  • Select the AUSkey file(keystore.xml) in your Desktop
  • Click open
  • Enter AUSkey Password
  • Click Submit
  • The pop up will appear in that select your AUSkey and click Submit



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