Lodging XERO BAS

Step 1 :Login to GovReports

Login to GovReports with your username and password

Step 2 :Select My Clients

my clients

Step 3 :From the drop down list select “Clients” & then Business

select clients and then business

Step 4 :Select Forms and click on Activity Statement

Xero select forms

XERO select activity statement

Step 5:Select the reporting period and click Submit

Step 6 :Select the Report from the Activity Statement List

XERO Select reporting period

Step 7 :Choose Xero as the Activity Statement entry type

XERO step7 activity statement entry

Note: If browser is blocking the popup window, select allow popup and refresh the browser window
XERO step8 pop up

Click Connect to Xero button and login to Xero.

Step 8 :Click authorize to connect Xero to GovReports

XERO step9 authorise

Step 9 :After getting the authorization click next

XERO step10 BAS file

GovReports will automatically pick up the BAS report for the selected period for this client

Keep clicking next next and verify till you reach the declaration page


Step 10 :Fill the declaration section and click next

XERO step11 declaration

Step 11 :Select Prelodge as lodgement type and click Submit

XERO step12 prelodge

Step 12 :Report is ready for lodgement. After getting validation from ATO click on lodge

XERO step12 BAS file upload

BAS Report in XERO



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