Cyber Security Tips and Tools

We hope that you will never have to deal with the impact of having your own or your client’s accounts breached by hackers!  In today’s online world safety and improved security are paramount, especially for business owners and tax professionals who need to keep your own and/or clients’ information confidential.

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M2M Credentials (Business User)

How to obtain ‘M2M Credentials’?

Upload to GovReports

  1. Login to GovReports account
  2. From the left side menu bar, click on “My Business”
  3. Click on New from right top and add the new business (for existing business Click on the corresponding business name from the list)
  4. On the top right corner, go to “Actions” (i.e, 3 horizontal lines)
  5. Click on M2M credentialsMy Business
  6. Click on choose file and select the M2M file(keystore.xml) M2M credentials(If already keystore is uploaded, click on update from right top corner and choose file)M2M credentials
  7. Enter M2M password and confirm password
  8. Click submit