Find & upload AUSkey on MAC

Please follow the steps below to find and upload Auskey into your account.

Step 1: Open Finder and select Go from the menu bar.

Step 2: Select Go to Folder.

Step 3: Type library and press Go.

Step 4: Open Application Support folder. (if you can’t find Application support folder, follow steps 4.1 to 4.4)

Step 4.1 Click on your Desktop, MAC shows finder menu on the top bad.

Step 4.2 Hold Option key and click on Go from the menu bar

Step 4.3 Press Alt key to enable Library => Select Library (This will take you to hidden library folder)

Step 4.4 Go into Application support folder

Step 5: Find the keystore.xml file in the AUSkey folder.

Step 6: You can copy this file to your desktop temporarily and then upload into GovReports.

Step 7: Login to your GovReports account and go to My Settings and Select Auskey

Step 8: Click on Upload Auskey button (Do not click on Find My Auskey if it is giving permission errors) and click on Choose file

Step 9: Go to your Desktop (or the temporary location where the keystore.xml was copied in Step 6) and click on choose file

Step 10: Enter your Auskey password, confirm and click on submit.

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