Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) CSV file template

GovReports accepts TPAR in CSV file format.  Following is the template to be used for uploading:


Mandatory fields:

  • Payee details Either (Title, FamilyName and GivenName) or (ABN, OrganisationalNameType and OrganisationalName) are mandatory
  • BusinessPaymentGrossAmount field is mandatory

Conditional Mandatory fields:

  • When ABN/Business name is entered OrganisationNameType is mandatory
  • When Phone number is entered Area code is mandatory
  • When Address is entered, address type is mandatory.

Valid values for type fields:


Code Description
Mr Mr
Miss Miss
Prof Professor
Dr Doctor
Ms Ms


Code Description
MN Main Name
MTR Main Trading Name


Code Description
B or Bus or Business Business
P or Pos or Postal Postal

Note: if manually filling the CSV in an Excel, Please change format of the fields Areacode, Phone number & Postcode fields as text. Otherwise any leading zero will be stripped off by Excel.




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