Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) for Tax Practitioners

GovReports Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) online lodgement form service has 3 options:

  1. Fill in contractors details with online form and generate TPAR file
  2. Upload software generated TPAR back up file
  3. Upload TPAR in CSV file format – Sample file available within GovReports

The following steps shows you how to fill contractors details on TPAR form online and lodge direct to ATO.

Step 1: Select Clients from My Clients.


Step 2: Select Forms for the particular Client.


Step 3: Select Taxable Payments Annual Report.


Step 4: Select the financial year in the list.


Step 5: Select the Entry type and click Next.


Step 6: Click Next.


Step 7: Click Add to add payee details.


Step 8: Fill the details and click Save.


Step 9:  View the “Successfully saved” message and click Next.


Step 10: Ensure by clicking the box and select Next.


Step 11: Select the Lodge option and click Submit.


i)  Save as Draft (when selected will not validate with the SBR, saves the form/data as draft for later use).
ii) Prelodge (when selected validates data with the SBR, but your form/data will not be saved).
iii)Save (when selected validates data with the SBR if valid, saves the form/data and moves it to queue).
iv) Lodge (when selected lodges the report when SBR is live).

Step 12: Click Confirm to lodge TPAR.


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