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Knowledge and qualification is the key that opens the door to a chosen career. For centuries, the education process is to prepare learners with theoretical knowledge and responsibility required to carry out a task and role of which they are trained for
The daunting task for graduates after completing their course often is to find jobs relating to the qualifications they are trained for and often it is disappointing to realise the difficulties of applying educational theories to practice. Some trade, medical, and engineering courses require for students to get a period of work experience before they can get their qualifications
In business, not only management experience plays the vital role but also applying accounting and tax knowledge are the core tasks that determine the success of the business operation. To keep abreast of the ongoing legislation changes, accounting professionals both in practice and in business are required to have ongoing education but fail to keep up with technological changes
For a long time, accounting and tax software are designed only on the desktop and this is changing and changing fast with the introduction of disruptive cloud technology. Not only it is disruptive in the business and social space but also in Government operations as well
Realising the benefits and efficiencies of cloud technology, 'Digital by design' is just part of the progression towards 'Digital by Default' implementation for governments globally
GovReports Training Platform enables teaching staff to create student accounts and allocate clients for practical assessment to prepare and validate compliant reports.
Modules include
Accounting / Bookkeeping / Record keeping
BAS & PAYG Payment Summary
Company Tax Return
Individual Tax Return
SMSF Annual Return
Trust Tax Return
Partnership Tax Return
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